We all remember Jurassic Park, the famous film directed by Steven Spielberg in which a group of scientists visit an amusement park with cloned dinosaurs, created by a billionaire philanthropist and a team of geneticists, who escape and put the lives of those in the park at risk. But, beyond the science fiction, I believe that, from an organizational behavior point of view, there are a few lessons from the film that can serve company leaders and managers.

This being said, here I share some key lessons that business leaders and managers of today can take away from this film:

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, in many countries, voting processes are scheduled to be held this year. Electoral authorities of each country have done everything possible so that elections are held, of course, taking the corresponding health and security measures. In some cases, the voting processes have already been held successfully, but in others these have been postponed and it is not yet known how they will be carried out.

In this sense, it seems interesting to analyze how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected elections worldwide. …

Venezuela’s political future remains uncertain, as the Guaidó administration has yet to face tough decisions that can define the country’s fate. 2020 marks another year in which the country has had to face a series of problems regarding economic decline, food and water scarcity, constant power-outages, and a new health threat: the COVID-19 pandemic. But to Venezuelans it also marks a parliamentary election year and, thus, a new chapter in the country’s political history.

According to the Venezuelan Constitution, the mandate of the current National Assembly expires in 2021 and, thus, parliamentary elections should be held at the end of…

On June 30th of this ongoing year, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) held public hearings on the Venezuela-Guyana long-standing dispute over the Essequibo region. Said hearings were to be initially held on March 23rd, 2020, but they were suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nonetheless, the ICJ held them via online which marked the first time in history that public hearings were held in that manner. Not only was this important to note, but also the fact that Venezuela decided not to participate in the referred hearings.

In that sense, it seems necessary and interesting to see the legal…

Les voy a contar una pequeña historia acerca de un hombre que, a mi criterio, es una de las personas más extraordinarias que he conocido y que forma parte de la historia venezolana. Este hombre nació en la pequeña población de Guama, Estado Yaracuy, el 24 de septiembre de 1912, hijo de Don Antonio y Doña Felicísima. Desde pequeño, siempre se vio muy interesado en los estudios, iniciando su formación en la escuela de Guama que dirigía el distinguido maestro Francisco Camacho. …

Juan Andres Miralles Q.

Venezuelan lawyer. I write mostly about politics, law, business & management. | Abogado venezolano. Escribo sobre política, derecho, gerencia y negocios.

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